Here is my STANCE on whether or not technology enhances learning!

This is was our week to debate! My team and I disagreed with this statement “Technology enhances learning in the classroom”. BOTH teams did a fantastic job arguing whether technology enhancing learning in the classroom. Although I do no fully agree with the fact it does not enhance learning, I believe we made some very valid points about the negative effects that it can have. The article I found is called Negative Effects Of Technology in the Classroom by Timothy Smithee. His article spoke to me as it outlines four easy to understand points about the negative effects of technology in the classroom. First, he admits that technology is a significant cost for any school or school division who decides to put their time and effort into integrating it into schools. In addition, he admits that “to the initial purchase costs, there are costs for maintaining networks, maintaining the computers and routinely upgrading the hardware and software”(Smithee). In the school division I work for, providing technology for all students body and being able to maintain the devices is not reasonable. Next, he argues that if all time and effort is spent on utilizing technology, other subjects will suffer such as arts and phys.ed, ect. He refers to this as diversion of resources. Third, he states that “students may be more enthusiastic about studying a subject if they are preparing a PowerPoint presentation or a video clip instead of a written essay” (Smithee). In saying that, many times students are more interested in the presentation itself rather than actually researching the topic. In my opinion, the knowledge students gain from the research they do is more valuable than the actually presentation. Lastly, he points out that technology can cause student distraction. This I can 100% speak too. Many times I have caught many children off task on the computer. Kids on youtube, roblox, minecraft, youtube are just a few examples of what I have caught children on in the past when they are in fact supposed to be working on an assignment. In saying that, monitor and supervising every child on the computer is not possible. Overall, I think Smithee makes some great arguments of the negative effects technology can have!



One thought on “Here is my STANCE on whether or not technology enhances learning!

  1. kylaortman says:

    I am with you on this one Amy. It is tough to say there are so many negatives when there are also a lot of positives. My big things is that whenever technology is implemented, we just need to teach students strategies to stay on track, focused, and understand the task at hand. Just as with everything we teach students, we can model, practice together and then allow for the independence. If students are not given perimeters around the use of technology I feel this is when things get iffy.

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