My Understanding of Educational Technology

What a fantastic beginning to EC&I 833! I feel that this class is going to be very insightful in many ways. I am looking forward to hearing my classmates opinions about their understanding of what technology should look like in the classroom. As well, being a part of a variety of  presentations centered around technology.

This week blogs post will be focused on the following questions:
What is my personal contemporary understanding of educational technology?
What might a contemporary definition of educational technology look like?
How has your own understanding of educational technology been shaped (consciously or not) by the rich historical and philosophical contexts?
I will do my best to explain myself however if something does not make sense feel free to ask and I will clarify.

First off, my personal definition of educational technology is:
Educational Technology is when an educator incorporates technology into instruction and/or assessment in a variety of ways throughout the curriculum with a vision and purpose.

Therefore, my understanding is that students need technology. There is no arguing that as our world today is very technologically dependent. However, the way in which a teacher chooses to use the technology can either have huge benefits or not. I think it’s important for teachers (including myself) to do some self questioning/checklist before integrating technology into a class or lesson. The following questions/checklist could look something like this:

—Will using this technology enhance student learning?
—Is using this technology purposeful?
—Will students see the purpose in this technology?
—Will this technology be engaging for students?
—What is the goal of using the technology?
—Can using this somehow benefits students in the real world?

I think if we as teachers can answer some of these questions positively, than we should definitely proceed with using the technology.


I am now going to talk about what has shaped my own beliefs of technology. When I was in grade school, I remember when we first got a desktop computer at home! It was the coolest. I could play games, chat with my friends, and do the odd school assignment. In terms of  at school, I remember loving using the computers in my elementary/high school. I remember being so engaged and excited especially when we using power point! My excitement carried overs in high school when being able to spend time in the computer lab.

In saying that, my understanding of educational technology  has definitely been shaped through my own experiences with technology both in my personal and professional life. I definitely have  experienced both the negative and positive sides of technology in both instances. With that being said, I believe that technology can STILL be a wonderful, useful, and purposeful tool used in all aspects of life.