My Google Extension Exploration!

Alec presented us with a great deal of classroom resources/teacher resources this week! I decided for my blog post that I am going to experiment with some of the Google Chrome Extensions Alec has provided for us. I have not used any of the extensions presented in either my personal or professional life. Instead of investigating all of them, I am going to choose three that I am most interested in using in the future. I will reflect on my initial thoughts of the tool, how the tool could potentially improve student learning in the classroom,  and the privacy issues the tool may have.

First, I explore Distraction Free Youtube (DF Youtube). I use YouTube 6/7 times a week in my own classroom. I am constantly bombarded with advertisements and commercials when showing a video. I feel like this extension will be an awesome tool for the classroom!

My Initial Thoughts How can this tool improve
Student learning?

Issues of privacy

  • Love this tool.
  • Make planning online projects easy as there will be no worries of unwanted pop-ups/adds
  • Super easy to navigate as a teacher.
  • I often use YouTube to show video and need to skip over advertisement in the middle of my video. I now would not have to worry about that!
  • Students will be  free from distraction adds that pop up
  • Comments are hidden and so students will not be able to see inappropriate comments IF any.
  • Students will have more learning time!!
  • My initial thought is that there are very few privacy issues.
  • My only concern may be if children accidentally view an inappropriate video.
  • According to the creator, no history is tracked.

Grammarly is the next extension I chose to explore. I am always looking for different ways to teach and help students become better writers! When I saw Grammarly  on the list, I instantly wanted to explore it. On top of wanting to become a better writing teacher, I am always looking for ways to improve my own writing skills!

My Initial Thoughts

How can this tool improve
Student learning?

Issues of privacy
  • I would definitely use this tool when writing papers!
  • Has many users and therefore seems credible.
  • I did notice  when testing out the free version it only had so many features. It kept trying to upcharge me.
  • Haiming Li from our class said it perfectly! “It’s not only helped to check wrong spellings but also it gives me lots of grammar. suggestions such as articles and syntax” …students can very well benefit in this way!
  • Students can become better writers by going through their errors and making them correct
  • Encourages students in a positive way to improve their writing.
  • Not MANY concerns
  • May be concerned about the privacy of my own/students papers as they are being inserted into the web.

Lastly, I explore Tweetdeck.  Tweetdeck is definitely something I could see myself using in the future. I have heard many great things about the way it is set up and used.

My Initial Thoughts

How can this tool improve
Student learning?

Issues of privacy

  • Love the format of Tweetdeck, It is super organized.
  • You can choose your interests and it will automatically sort the tweets into categories
  • When taking an Edtech class with Alec, will be super easy to follow classmates tweets and follow along with any tweet that is being posted by them (track hashtags)
  • Can be beneficial when using twitter as a classroom/school communication tool for parents.
  • For older grades, it can be a away they can keep track of school announcements and due dates
  • Once it on there, it’s ON THERE.
  • If students “accidentally” tweet something they are not supposed to, it is hard to control that as a teacher.
  • If YOU as a teacher accidentally tweet or share something could get in trouble.  

On a side note, I found a great article that outlines 50 ways you can use twitter in the classroom! Check it out…

Overall, I have enjoyed all of the google extensions that I have explored. I definitely will be taking the time to check them all out as I am always looking for ways to incorporate new and engaging ways to use technology in the classroom!

Which google extensions were your favorite and why?!

5 thoughts on “My Google Extension Exploration!

  1. cdegelman says:

    Alec introduced me to Grammarly a few semesters ago and it really is a lifesaver. When you are blogging and writing for an audience I feel that it is crucial that your spelling and grammar match the type of writing that you are doing. I feel that this would be a great add-on for students as it will help them to identify and correct any spelling and grammar in their writing. I find the spell check and grammar check on word documents and google documents to sometimes be unreliable so I like having Grammarly as a backup!

  2. danieldion1 says:

    I agree that Grammarly is fantastic. If only there would be the equivalent in french that is free. Antidote is an excellent equivalent in French but can be quite expensive, thus creating another digital divide. I enjoyed your reviews of the google extensions!

  3. kylaortman says:

    I love the way you sorted things by my initial thoughts, How can this tool improve
    Student learning, and privacy. These are all crucial things for us to reflect upon. I have not used Grammarly, but its nice to see Channing uses it and loved it. I never thought about using Spellcheck and Grammarly!

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