Is multitasking a GOOD thing?

My Initial Thoughts on Multitasking..
When thinking about what multitasking actually is, I think about an individual doing a number of tasks at one time. I would consider myself a great multitasker.

For my high school and university career, I was a server and always needed to complete many tasks in a certain period of time. I also think as a teacher, I feel like I am CONSTANTLY doing many tasks at the same time throughout the day. In saying this, I am glad we had to reflect on multitasking this week as I have always wondered about the benefits and value of doing it ALL the time. I feel as in some situations multitasking is much necessary and inevitable. However, in situations where you can have a choice on whether or NOT you need to multitask, I wonder if doing one thing at a time would be more valuable or beneficial to your time and sanity.

After watching the Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking video,  I can totally to relate to him when he was giving examples of how many tabs he has open at the same time. As I am writing this reflection on google docs, I have eight additional tabs open…OPPPS!! AND I am also watching the Vikings game (woohoo they won).

DOUBLE OPPS! While reading through other blogs, I realized Joe and I share a similar experience as he states “so Adam thinks he’s pretty hot stuff having 6 whole tabs open. I’ve got 8 tabs open right now. BROWNS Make that 9, just checked on my Cleveland Browns.” To funny. In a way, I do think multi-tasking can have some benefits, especially when our lives can be crazy busy. As Peter says in his article Data Snapshot: The state of productivity suites in the workplace,Over the years, technology has been pivotal in helping organizations and individuals complete tasks more quickly while exerting less effort.” There definitely a time and a place for it.

But going back to the question Alec raised this week, is the Internet really a productivity tool or merely an endless series of distractions.  I totally think it CAN be. I think it all comes down to self-control. 


Like James said in his video, if we can encourage ourselves to work with necessary tabs open while doing homework or when at work, people would get MORE done. I mean, on the flip side, it can be very difficult especially when a lot of the time one thing leads to another on the internet.  

In terms of creating a world of multitaskers that don’t accomplish much, I totally think some people have fallen under this category. I think this week myself and my group members  (Amy B Colette, Kyle) did a great job presenting a variety of different productivity suits and extensions that are being used by millions of people.  James inserted a slide in his video that I think was bang on. The addiction to social media starts young and continues on as we get older. I don’t think we yet fully understand the effects multi-tasking / off-tasking has on us!

After reflecting on this topic, I am definitely going to consider doing less multi-tasking! Do you consider yourself a multitasker!? Do you think multi-tasking is a good or bad thing??

2 thoughts on “Is multitasking a GOOD thing?

  1. courosa says:

    Great post, Amy. I enjoy how you apply your posts to your own experience and to the work of other students, etc.

    As I’ve relayed to others, I’d love to point you to the work of Linda Stone around “Continuous Partial Attention” – essentially she believes that multitasking is a myth and that we are continuously switching our attention from one thing to another, which leads to problems. You’ve alluded to this in your post, but I think that perusing this work would give you the words to describe what you’re already seeing.

    Thanks for the great post!

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