Assessment CAN be fun sometimes!!!

Kids can have fun AT the same time as being assessed!!! Did you know?!?!?!?

To be honest, I don’t use assessment technology tools a whole bunch because of the availability of technology in my school. So although I wish I could use it all the time and have a lot of experience, I can’t! In saying that, I have used Kahoot (  in the past and absolutely loved it as well as the students!

I really enjoyed the presentation by week by Melanie, Sage, Sonja, and Justine. I found it super informative and learned a lot about assistive tech. In saying that, as described in the article posted called  Fantastic Comprehensive List of Assessment Tools for Teachers :

“With kahoot teachers can create fun quizzes and add content that in turn is played by students in the form of competitive games. It works as a student response system, which turns the basis for the assessment of the students. Kahoot is helpful for students of all ages from kindergartento older students. This tool can be used to assess any subject and any class. Questions, along with answer choices, are projected onto a classroom screen while students submit responses using a personal device. Teachers and students over 16 have access to publicly shared quiz templates, which can be used as-is or edited. Alternately, teachers and students can create their own new kahoots (games or quizzes).”

Below, are the reflection questions in which I will answer to the best of my ability!


Why did you choose this tool? I choose this tool because I have used it before and the kids loved it as well as me!
Challenges to getting set up to use the tool As long as you have the technology available to do kahoot, there are not many challenges. The website is very simple to navigate and setting up quizzes, or looking for quizzes is also easy.
Student response to the tool In my experience, student are mostly engaged.

They enjoy learning using the tech

How did you use the tool for assessment

I have only ever used this for formative assessment. I can get a pretty good idea from the responses of what students know and what they don’t know.
Pros/Cons to using the tools Pros-student engagement, working together, learning together, free to use

Cons- tech availability

Is its purpose more formative assessment/summative assessment or both For me, the purpose is definitely formative

What are your thoughts on Kahoot? Have you ever used it? Do you enjoy it?

Another app in which can be considered assessment technology is flipgrip. In Colette’s blog this week, she describes a few examples of how she uses it in her classroom. I LOVE it. She has a video of one of her students as an example. I suggest you check it out!


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