I learned about how to use POWTOON this week…and you?!

Wow, there are so many content creation tools! I am always looking for fun and creative ways to enhance my lessons in the classroom.

I like to try to incorporate new technology and new ways to present knowledge to my students. This way,  I can make sure I can reach all learners in some way. Once I am comfortable with a new tool, I like to let my students explore it as well. In saying that, I am aware that it can be very time consuming to do this for the a teacher. That is why I am excited to get this opportunity to explore a new one!


Out of all the wonderful options, I choose to check out Powtoon. I have never used Powtoon myself but have heard nothing but great things about it. I decided to download it to give it a shot to see how I would like it. Upon my exploring, I remembered watching a Powtoon video someone made for their summary of learning assignment last semester. I remember thinking it was pretty funny and actually, I quite enjoyed watching it.

After some investigation, I learned that the overall idea of Powtoon is to create or make animated videos or presentations. I picked out a couple strengths right off the bat. You can add several features into your videos such as music, voice recorder, and movement! You can also choose from a variety of presentation formats including and explainer video, marketing video, infographic video, ad, or just a blank Powtoon. Just for fun, I started creating my own Powtoon. It was super fun but I definitely need more  practice.

I guess one weakness would be that it is a bit overwhelming at first. I had to look up some YouTube videos on how to navigate the site. I think that it is going to take me a few tries to figure things out(just like any new tech!!!). I did appreciated how easy the the Powtoon dashboard was to work with. It included all the different templates, background features, characters, shapes, props, media, etc. Similar to word press, it is pretty easy to navigate to those main add ons. Another potential weakness I noticed is that there is a 3 day premium trial. I am wondering what all features will still be available after the trial. Hmm….

I definitely enjoyed investigating Powtoon. I think before I used it in the the classroom I would spend more time on the site! Once more comfortable with it, I think then it would be a great tool for students to use and

to share their knowledge with. As well, if teachers are looking for non-traditional ways to assess, this is a great option. Students who enjoy using technology might really excel using it. I also think if teachers have some extra time, they can create presentations with it. This would definitely enhance lessons and make them more engaging.

Have you ever tried Powtoon? Do you use it in your classroom? If not, how do you use it? How do you FEEL about Powtoon? What are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “I learned about how to use POWTOON this week…and you?!

  1. bradraes7578 says:

    Thanks for the ideas on Powtoon. So many of these things are new to me, so it is very easy to be a bit overwhelmed. this looks like a pretty cool way to do presentations… In your opinion is this a viable option make presentations? Is the time commitment worth it?

  2. kylaortman says:

    That is a great overview. I like that you involve your students while you are learning about a new tool as well! I haven’t explored Powtoon yet either, but I agree that it can be a fun and engaging way to teach! Sometimes I think about doing a flip classroom for math, would there be a way to incorporate notes somehow?

  3. Dean Vendramin says:

    Because I now teach mostly math I haven’t used powtoon for a bit. This product has evolved over the past couple of years (watched a couple of their tutorials). Again free to do most things but a cost when you get to a certain point in using it. Will need to explore it again some more. Thanks for sharing.

  4. aranford says:

    I used Powtoon a lot and LOVED it. I even used it in my class for a final. The premium features do not stay… I had a student try even after I warned him. I love how easy it is to record and edit, plus the animations make the presentation fun and interesting to watch if you put in effort!

  5. shelbymackey says:

    I have never used Powtoon, but have watched many summaries of learning where people have used it and it seems like it is very easy to use! I would really like to give it a try, so I might have to research a little more about it! How long can the videos be? Is there a storage cap for the free version? What tools would you lose after the premium trial is over?

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