Strengths and Misconceptions of Blended learning

This class have been great in terms of learning about all the online platforms that can be used for a blended course. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Not only can I use these platforms to be an online teacher, but I can also make use of them in my current classroom. We have also discussed some of the strengths and limitations of online blended learning and the platforms. I stumbled upon a great article that addressed 8  strengths and benefits teaching taking and teaching blended courses. It was a great overview of what we have already learned in the class as well introduced a couple new ideas. The 8 benefits includes creating relevance, building skill levels, making mobile learning tools available, meeting individual student needs, setting goals, making instruction and content clear, creating authentic tasks, as well engaging disengaged students.

My overall favorite strength of blended learning is definitely being able to meet individual needs. Especially with the challenges classroom teachers are faced with today. I have had students in the past in which only could use a google platform for any type of writing an assignment. For other students, I find that technology enriches their learning and helps them become more engaged with the topic learned in class.

As well, another favorite aspect of blended learning of mine is the fact that it can offer much more than what traditional classrooms can. I could not agree more with Dean when he states “that In fact, an online environment could provide many opportunities that a traditional classroom just can’t afford. One such advantage would be the ability to work at one’s own pace.” As well, I appreciated Melinda comment in her blog about the pace and freedom in which students have when in a blended course. She states “the benefit of this online program is that students can study at their own pace completing an assessment at the end of each week. There is also a peer-to-peer system included, where they provide each other with feedback.” Great point Melinda!

Upon my research, I also found an interesting article about 6 misconceptions of online blended learning. One misconception I found interesting is that some people believe that online learning reduces social interactions as well reduces the amount interaction with peers. However, according to Dr. Tammy Stephens, “students in online courses designed this way frequently

report they have more social interactions with their peers than they do in traditional, face-to-face courses.” So therefore, depending how you set up the online blended course, students could actually spend more time interacting with classmates. Another misconception is that blended, hybrid and online learning are less work than traditional, face-to-face instruction. I can relate to this misconception. Prior to taking online classes in university, I always thought that online classes might be a bit easier. However, this being my 4/5th online class, I have realized that they are just as much work, if not more, as any other course I have taken in the past. Check out the article for the rest of the 4 other misconception. It was a good read.

Since we had a bit of freedom for this response, I decided I was also going to interview my friend about online and blended learning. My friend is in her 30th year of teaching and retiring this year.

She has taught all 30 years in the same school division I am working for. I thought it would be interesting to see her stance on technology, how she has used it in the past, and how our school division has supported the use of technology in the classroom.

Have you ever taken an online class?

  • No, but I don’t have enough self discipline to take one.

What do you know about blended learning?

  • Yes, I know what it is.

What are your thoughts about blended learning?

  • I think blended learning is better than strictly online. Because if there is something I can’t figure out what to do, and someone is only teaching me things verbally that is a problem for me.
  • I am a visual learner and I need someone there to show me what to do.

What technology platforms have you used in you classroom?

  • I have used google docs in the past to share information. That is about it

What technology do you use in the classroom?

  • Computers. I have students do research on the computers.
  • I use different websites to support numeracy and literacy in the classroom.
  • I also use Youtube for instruction.
  • Although I have not used computers much this year because last year my students were doing inappropriate things.

What is your favorite thing about using technology?

  • Having information at your fingertips for myself and my students.

How has your school division supported online learning?

  • They provide the computers for the students to work on.
  • They set up google accounts and login information.
  • They sometimes have online web seminars.

I really enjoyed that interview! It was really neat to get a perspective from someone who has taught for many years. I am now wanting to interview and ask more of my colleagues about their experience with technology!!

Thanks you for reading:)

One thought on “Strengths and Misconceptions of Blended learning

  1. natalymoussa says:

    Great post, Amy! I can’t agree more with you when you said “depending how you set up the online blended course, students could actually spend more time interacting with classmates.” Using the right tools to design your blended learning environment brings the best of the classroom and online education. In my view, the most significant advantage of this mix which is that it retains the human connection between the students, and between the students and the instructor. Which exactly what Zoom video conference tool helping us to achieve in our class.

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