Final Overview of Your Course Prototype

An overview of your Course Prototype

The focus of our unit is “Bullying”, a novel study with grade 7 and 8 students across 3 different schools. There are a variety of novels which we hope will engage all students at their own reading levels. Throughout this Online/Blended learning experience, we are going to use technology which enables us to connect with the other schools as well as within our own building contexts. Each student has a specific teacher they will working with in regards to their assigned novel. Their connected teacher could be a teacher from a different school, but the classroom teacher is also there to support each student in their classroom environment. Students will report weekly via weekly blog on their section of the novel. They will also complete a creative component pertaining to that section of reading. In addition, there will be a weekly online discussion forum(chat) on each section of the novel. Students will be reporting to the teacher in charge of the novel, to which they have been assigned. This allows for diversity of needs as well as connectivity of students outside of the classroom.

Final Course Complete Overview

Please use the attached link to check out the final course overview.

Feedback we Received

We had a fantastic time developing and creating this course as a group. Although we all teach different grade groups, we picked a topic that is very relevant to all of us. We got some amazing feedback from people this semester. We used and reflected on this constructive feedback to make out course even better. Check out the link below for some of the feedback we received.

Amy C, Colette, and Kyla O(1)

Our Course Prototype!

Lastly, feel free to check out our course. Hope you enjoy. Let us know how you likes it!

Amy, Kyla O, Colette