!!!!Major Takeaways!!!!

There were several key takeaways I could talk about in terms of getting the opportunity to create an online prototype course! I would say though that there are three major takeaways that stuck out most for me. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Collaboration!!! Collaboration!!! Collaboration!!! The opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers and classmates might have been the best experience of this whole process. It is so easy to feel stressed, lost and overwhelmed in our profession.

The important lesson I got here is that working together and collaboration is KEY when creating a new unit, lesson, or even course.  Creating and coming up with a course myself would have been very challenging. Working with both Kyla and Colette allowed me to open my eyes to new ways of doing things at the same time gaining confidence to try new things. There were a couple of apps that I have never used before that we incorporated into our unit. Without my peers teaching me how to use these specific apps, and how to navigate the apps, I may have not considered trying them on my own!

The next key takeaway I took from this is experience is just understanding the process of how to set up an online blended course, or at least in a basic way. I am very early in my career, and with having an inclusive ed certificate, and soon to be masters, I have no idea where my career might take me. Doing this assignment has definitely allowed me to become at least

familiar with the applications and programs available if I were ever to take on the role of an online/blended learning teacher.

Lastly, this is more of a reflective takeaway rather than a skill. Getting the opportunity to critically analyze online applications, sites, and extensions have been a great experience. Technology is changing ALLLL the time, and so even though I may not use the same apps we are using and talking about now in the future, I have the many skills on how to actually analyze and critique the applications, sites, and extensions

I could potentially use in the future.

Overall, I learned many things from this opportunity to make an online course prototype. My goal is to be able to incorporate similar aspects of this course into my own classroom. I am always looking for new ways to engage and motivate students so they can learn to the best of their ability.

Thanks for reading! I hope you got as much as I did out of this opportunity!


One thought on “!!!!Major Takeaways!!!!

  1. Nancy Smith says:

    Collaboration and the opportunity to engage and learn from others has been a major takeaway for me too. How can we ensure we foster this same culture of participation and involvement in the courses we teach? I am hopeful the tools we learned and the ideas we shared will help us achieve that.
    Good luck with your studies Amy!

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