About Me!

adddieHello fellow EC&I 830 classmates!

My name is Amy Cross and I am in my 4th year of teaching. I was born and raised in Regina. I graduated from the University of Regina in 2014 with a Bachelor of Education in Middle Years. Shortly after, I began my Inclusive Education Certificate while working full time and finished it in April 2016. I am now working toward a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and am currently enrolled in my third and fourth class. I heard nothing but good things about this course and decided to choose it for an elective toward my masters. I am looking forward to learning alongside everyone and to delve into technology in the classroom!

On my blog, my hope is to share my weekly responses. I also will attempt to share any new information I find that is related to technology or topics in the class! This is my first time ever trying to do this blog thing! Here goes nothing!